Among us women who do not like bags?

They are the extra accessory that always serves, which enriches all our outfits, and often gives the right value to what we wear.

I personally can't do without I love them, but in a bag I also look for practicality, combined also with a touch of elegance, in short, the bag is a status, in the end it must represent me.

That's why I always take the time to choose one, also because I constantly hate having to change it, I try to combine it with the seasons, with my mood.

And that's why I chose her.

A bag, nice, bubbly and even a little vintage.

This bag embodies all the features that we women look for when we have to buy one.

I immediately liked the fact that it was colored, in fact, it is very reminiscent of autumn colors and then I really like brown.

It goes very well with any type of clothing, be it sports or elegant, a bag that can easily be used all week.

Another strong point is the fact that it is very capacious, which is practically indispensable for us women who always put half a house in our bag.

It closes thanks to a zipper, so nothing comes out.

And inside there are other small rooms in which it is possible to put the mobile phone, the keys and also they are closed with the zipper.

While in the part behind the bag there is a pocket always closed with a zipper, where I pick up the fabric bags.

Well finished, there are excellent seams both on the inside, for which it is reinforced, and on the inside.

The material with which it was made is in canvas fabric with leather trim, has two handles and a shoulder strap, turns out to be very light.

It can be worn either on the arm or on the shoulder.

I prefer to wear it over my shoulder, in this way the weight of the bag is well balanced.

I recommend the purchase of this bag, I found it very comfortable and also fashionable, a very particular detail since I love accessories.

stefania bezzoli

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