Valentine's Day is coming, the feast of love! Which dress to choose to amaze for your partner? Here are some useful tips.

February 14th is the feast of all lovers, on my Valentine's Day calendar a beautiful red heart stands out, I love to celebrate this anniversary with my in love "my husband".

Usually on these very important occasions you don't know what to wear, in my case I'd like to dare and leave my husband stunned, who instead expects to see me arrive at the restaurant in jeans and a sweater.

But this year I'll be able to amaze you with special effects.

For the Valentine's Day dinner, my husband will take me to our favorite restaurant and for the occasion I decided to choose a simple outfit, but at the same time split, that makes me feel fashion with a slight touch of glamor.

I will take care of everything in detail, leaving nothing to chance, I still have a week to book the hairdresser, the beautician, in short, to be at the top.

What to wear on Valentine's Day for a dinner with our husband at the restaurant

There are some tricks that you should keep in mind when choosing a dress, especially if you want to impress.

It is fundamental to remain faithful to one's style, respecting one's tastes without overdoing it, otherwise one risks falling into ridicule and it is not really the case.

In choosing the dress, we must focus on a look that knows how to enhance our body, hiding our defects, making them become case strengths.

Focus on what our partner likes, shapes, colors, creating combinations that make our look perfect and at the same time pleasant, for the evening.

Accessories, earrings, bracelets, pendants in the shape of a heart, which recall the party of lovers, can come in handy, without going too far to not look like a Christmas tree.

Hoping that my suggestions for the choice of clothes will be served, you need to go to the second step, choose the dress.

Which Valentine's dress to choose?

I love very much red is one of my favorite colors, it indicates passion, life and love, it is a color that can be easily combined with any type of outfit.

Having a romantic rock soul, I prefer refined and at the same time decided clothing.

So over the strictly red sheath dress I chose to wear a leather jacket (the legendary nail) total black, with slightly veiled black stockings and plain black ankle boots with side zip.

Underwear to wear on Valentine's Day

Even the underwear is very important, for the lingerie I opted for a complete evergreen where games of lace mix in a very soft way and give that very sexy touch.

Now that the outfit is decided, all I need is a gift and I thought I'd book for a nice trip to some Italian art city.

And how will you spend Valentine's Day? What dress will you wear to impress your partner?

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stefania bezzoli

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