Errors to avoid when buying accessories

Accessories are the fundamental detail of every outfit and are much more important than it seems, because they can enhance a dress and let our personality shine through if chosen well, just as they can remove light or, worse, create a kitsch effect.

Discover with us the mistakes to avoid when buying accessories.

Buy accessories on the spur of the moment

Often there is nothing more gratifying than to indulge in a little gift, like a new bracelet or a soft stole, to find good humor and treat yourself to a small prize.

The impulse of the moment, which leads us to buy the first thing we see in the window, or perhaps on display on the shelf, however, can make us make a mistake.

The risk is to buy something that we do not know how to combine with what is in the wardrobe.

How to avoid it?

when in doubt, buy a basic, neutral accessory, like a metal band ring that looks good on everything, or a classic accessory like pearls, even bijoux: in this way we will satisfy the desire for shopping and we will be sure of being able to combine our accessory.

Buy an accessory without considering the occasion of use

As the best designers teach, there is an accessory for each occasion.

To give some examples, special occasions require themed dresses and precious accessories, which are noticed and create a pleasant effect.

At work, on the other hand, sober accessories are indicated, such as shoes with medium or low heels, plain-colored bags or thin necklaces.

So the next time you like something online or in a store, think about the occasion where you can show it off.

Buy an accessory similar to the ones you have

It's true, we are habitual beings and we like to play it safe, but why not risk it sometimes?

After all, accessories are a precise choice of personality.

Try buying something new, a color you don't have, or a style you've never bought.

Once you have returned home, you could discover a new combination with one of the usual dresses, to renew the look.

Buy large and flashy accessories for flashy outfits 

You may not know it, but there is a rule that the more flashy the type of clothing is, the more sober the accessories should be.

For example, if you wear a very low-cut dress, and perhaps a garish tint, the ideal accessories can be composed of a thin necklace knotted on the breast, perhaps in dark tones, and a large ring (only one).

On the other hand, you can dare with large accessories like big bags with bright colors and dangling and showy earrings, if your outfit is neutral, simple.

Customize your accessories with labels

Do you know that from today you can create your personalized labels online for truly exclusive accessories? It's very simple: just choose the writing, the type of label, the quantity.

The labels will arrive at home and you will be able to make your accessories truly unique, such as clutch bags, scarves, bracelets, with your name or with a phrase that represents you.

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