I could never leave home without a watch on my wrist, it is part of me, not only does it mark the passing of time, but it is an accessory that I never give up.

I like to collect them, so that today women's watches are also considered a good investment, obviously they must be absolutely exclusive and also unique pieces of their kind.

Over the years some models have reached priceless values, especially those that are produced in limited editions or vintage, which I love madly.

Wrist watches are real accessories, so much so that they become an added value with the outfit you wear.

Women's watch

It is not easy to buy a ladies watch, it is important to know very well who will wear it, its tastes, its character and its style, represents its status symbol.

Style is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a watch and how the wonderful Coco Chanel said "fashion goes, but style remains".

When you buy or give a woman's watch as a gift you would like to make the right choice, but unfortunately it is not always possible, there is plenty of choice on the market, the models that can be chosen range from the classic to the digital , to the super fashion ideal for fashion addicts.

Important factors to consider in the choice

Women's watch: is it better to choose a digital watch or an analog watch?

I prefer analog clocks, as I am used to everything that is too technological.

They are timeless timepieces, some are absolutely unique and many models over the years have had real restyling, which make them unique and particular, which give elegance.

Digital clocks have the advantage of providing accurate and correct time reading.

Important are the used materials that make the difference, leather straps, dials in gold and precious stones, like the technical features, which allow you to choose between a quartz watch and an automatic one.

Which strap to choose for the ladies watch?

Suffering from various allergies especially from contact, I have to prefer the leather strap which is a natural product and does not cause me problems when I wear it.

My daughter loves both the steel straps that are absolutely trendy, and the Nato straps, born for military use, the real name is the G10 strap from the form that had to be completed to have it supplied.

Also for the straps the choice is varied, ranging between leather, nylon, rubber, metal and wood.

The women's watch can be both elegant and sporty, automatic or digital, created not only to mark time, but also to become that precious accessory that makes every type of outfit special and perfect.

Where is it possible to buy women's watches?

It is possible to buy them directly online, there are numerous offers that allow you to find women's watches at truly sensational prices, both from the best known and most fashionable brands.

The women's watch is certainly one of the most appreciated gifts for us women, just choose the right model to wear in the most important moments.

stefania bezzoli

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