My dearest friend is an absolutely original person, which is why we agree very much, I am concrete and rational, she has an absolutely bohemian spirit, she loves to live in a free and unconventional way.

So I wasn't stupid when I received his invitation for the wedding, he chose a very special and suggestive location, he will get married in the afternoon and by the sea.

At first a slight smile appeared on my face, but then I fell into the most complete panic and thought. "And now how do I dress? Not every day you attend a beach wedding. "

What is the right dress to wear for a beach wedding?

A light dress, which recalls the colors of the sea, blue or turquoise or with light shades in shades of blue.

For the choice of the model it is necessary to take into account one's own silhouette, the dress must enhance the body and hide the small defects, making them become strengths.

The body should not be too covered, but neither should you wear clothes that are too tight to look like an anchovy, you should feel free especially in your movements, to be able to dance in the moonlight during the wedding.

Being summer the body is tanned, green light for soft clothes that enhance the breast, being careful not to overdo it though.

Flowered dresses are particularly suitable, a must for the summer season.
Preferred clothes that are not too long, may be uncomfortable to walk in the sand.

Laura has decided that for her wedding all the guests will not have to wear shoes, but simple fabric slippers, so it will be easier to remove them and walk barefoot on the beach.

Too bad for the heels, which would have been the top with my dress.

What to wear if you attend a beach wedding

Since on the beach you can dare, an alternative for those who do not like to wear clothes or skirts, is long trousers.

The trousers must be soft and solid to have that touch of elegance that is needed for the occasion, this year fashion offers high-waisted trousers that give femininity.

Also very important are the accessories, which must be perfectly matched both to the outfit and to the location, in our case the beach and the sea.

Colored bracelets and necklaces or for those who prefer minimal accessories in gold, while you have to dare with earrings that must be strictly hanging.

The clutch is the ideal solution because it is small and practical to hold.

For those who choose to celebrate their wedding on the beach, it must take into account that there may be wind during the ceremony.

For the hairstyle prefer a soft crop, a side braid or leave the hair simply loose that fall on the shoulders, especially for those with curly hair.

Do not forget for the evening a shawl or a scarf to put on the shoulders for when the sun has set.

The straw hair that gives a trendy and retro style, to shelter from the sun during the afternoon.

stefania bezzoli

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