Would you like to have an even tan? Without those annoying signs that two-piece costumes leave on the body when you sunbathe?

Here is the solution!

This year the upside-down bikini, the must-have for excellence in the summer of 2018, is furious, and this year it will be very popular on all the beaches.

With this novelty in wearing the two-piece costume a 100% homogeneous tan is guaranteed on the body and above all the signs of the costume will no longer be visible, allowing a tan that will be top.

So what is the bikini upside down?

The bikini upside down is an original and alternative way of wearing the bikini on the contrary, the logical consequence in adopting this new summer must, will be a homogeneous tan especially on the breast.

The shoulders and the back will be more free and seductive, with the result of having a perfect tan, even on the decoltè.

This new summer fashion of 2018, depopulated especially among girls and not only, who want an apparently more generous and more seductive breast.

Thanks to the bikini upside down (upside down bikin), you will get a natural push-up effect.

But like all fashions there are some rules that must be respected

Let's face it my friends; not all women can wear a bikini upside down, there is a need for a turgid breast.

It is suitable for those who love to spend hours and hours sunbathing, lizard style because the tan effect will be homogeneous, in the evening you can show off provocative clothes with some transparency in the right places.

It is not suitable for those who engage in sports like beach volleyball, or relatively busy activities, it goes without saying why.

The bikini upside down is the new fashion made in Italy and the one who invented it is the fashion blogger Valentina Fradegrada.

It is the new way to experience summer and which is not only popular on beaches but also online. Why? Valentina made a tutorial on Instagram, where she explains how to fasten the costume.

But how do you wear a bikini upside down?

The trick is simple, the costume is worn normally, the laces are tied over the breast tightening them very well and finally they simply hide in the bathing suit.

Personally I would be almost tempted to try wearing a bikini upside down but I think I could get the whale effect by the sea, certainly envy is great, but I can only admire and fantasize.


stefania bezzoli

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