Season after season, denim remains a great fashion classic that knows no crisis. Yes, because this evergreen never fails in the collections of the greatest designers, and is already one of the main trends for spring / summer 2019.

To wear not only in classic blue jeans, but also in little dresses, blouses, jackets, skirts and accessories. In short, this will be a beautiful season in the name of the most comfortable and practical urban style there is, where fit and comfort will go hand in hand with imagination, color and a pinch of eccentricity!

Iconic fabric par excellence, denim, originally created to be a durable fabric suitable for work clothes, soon became popular with Hollywood stars, who decreed its success all over the world.

Who doesn't remember James Dean in Burnt Youth? Since the 1950s, when blue jeans were primarily a symbol of youthful rebellion, denim has come a long way, remaining cool but at the same time becoming a chic and elegant fabric, perfect to show off even on formal occasions.

Washed denim in 80s style and fringes

Obviously when you think of denim he immediately comes to mind, the blue jeans. King of our outfits, jeans trousers are continually reinvented. In fact, every season is always present in our cabinets, but never really the same.

Forget the darker shades typical of the cold season, spring, as it should be, will be a riot of light colors. The catwalks have in fact decreed the washed denim in the 80s style as the undisputed protagonists of the coming months.

Go ahead, then, to models with a sandblasted effect on high-waisted jeans, cropped jeans with a turn-up, and cargo-style jeans with large multi-pockets. And for lovers of the cowboy look a nice novelty: fringes are back in fashion!

Fancy denim jackets and shirts

But denim mania certainly won't stop at blue jeans! To be super perfect from head to toe without wasting too much time in front of the mirror, designers offer us different total denim looks with an urban chic soul.

While for those who prefer to combine clothes, jackets and shirts, they are among the trendiest proposals that we will absolutely have to put in our wardrobe this spring. The extra details to be really screaming? Animal-themed patchwork details, wide shoulders and extra long sleeves, which are very 1980s.

But the key word will also be color, with a touch of fantasy! In addition to the usual washed blue, denim will be dyed in white, pink, green and yellow, and will amaze us with floral prints and patterns with a tie dye effect, which will make us take a dip directly in the 70s.

Skirts and dresses in super feminine denim

For the most feminine, great news: denim dresses and skirts are back in fashion even for the good season 2019. There is also a wide choice: it will be possible to range between the mini skirts to the long skirts to the maxi dresses with the cut soft and broad. Needless to say, even here the washed-out effect will dominate.

The real must have? The chemisier dress with belt at the waist and rouches, a choice that is both sophisticated and extremely practical.

The extra idea to be fashionable but without spending anything  or almost

Do you already have a wardrobe full of jeans and don't feel like spending money buying a new pair? Bleach in hand, you can try to fade them from you! The result will undoubtedly be a unique item, at practically zero cost. If you are good, all your friends will ask you where you bought your "new" pants.

Definitely an idea to try if you are creative and you want to be a little dictated by fashion rules. Obviously, in addition to jeans, you can also "discolor" shirts, skirts and any other denim item in your possession! An evil smut if you want to be super cool without spending anything or almost!

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