I am a real sportswoman and for some years I have loved practicing sports that are not feminine dishes, but that give me every time I practice a lot of adrenaline.

The choice to practice these sports is dictated by the deep love that I have for everything that allows me to experience very strong emotions, as my teacher Matteo would say, which allow me to feel alive.

But I do not renounce femininity, being a true fashion hunter, I want to wear clothing that is comfortable and that allows me agility in movements, but that is especially ultra chich, it is important to always remember that we are women.

For several months with my daughter on Saturday afternoon, we have been passionate about Skateboarding, a sport that is practiced especially by kids, who love to challenge each other to see who comes first.


But what is skateboarding and what are its origins?

The skateboard is nothing more than a tablet equipped with four wheels, on which the skateboarding must be balanced without falling and I guarantee you that the first few times is not at all simple, in fact often I found myself on the ground, with knees peeled.

This sport was born in distant California in the late forties and early fifties.

Those who practice skateboarding are called skaters.

The skateboard board is very reminiscent of the windsurfing board and the thrill you feel when riding the raging waves of the sea, here is the same thing, only that it takes place on the road.

I am passionate about this type of sport, because I can practice it in the company of my daughter, it is a moment of our sharing and then because I love sports that can be practiced in the open air and that give me a sense of freedom.

Compared to the first skateboards on the market, with the advent of technology, things have changed nowadays, so many can be found with different shapes, sizes and materials.

It has become a trend sport especially in the last few years and this has also allowed us to achieve significant improvements, the most important concerning above all the skateboard wheels, now a much stronger and also reliable material is being built in polyurethane, compared to the first wheels that they were made of synthetic rubber, they were weaker and made even more noise.

My daughter who graduated this year asked us for an Electric Skateboard as a promotion gift, I was struck by her request and immediately set about finding the best article on the market and trying to understand the difference with respect to a traditional one.

What is an electric skateboard and what are the advantages of using it?

The Electric Skateboard is practically the same as the classic skateboard, there is the table that is placed in the upper part where the feet are placed, the enormous difference is given by the fact that the rear wheels have a motor that acts as a propeller for the table. While below the table there are the sensors that are used to regulate the speed of the same.

Where can I buy an electric skateboard?

After several online researches, we were recommended Strailboard, an innovative company in its field and which designs, produces motorized Skateboards.

Here you can find very cheap skateboards, but of surprising quality and a 5-year guarantee is offered, the power supply battery is supplied which is superior to the classic standards with a waterproof protection.

Why Choose StrailBoard Kit?

Regenrative Brakes

The Strailboard recharges the battery when you brake

Replaceable Motor

Lastest Dual 250watt hub Motors with easily Replaceable PU wheels

Waterproof ESC

Smoother acceleration and braking performance

If you love pure adrenaline, all you have to do is try using the electric skateboard, paying attention to your own safety and that of other people, and importantly you must remember the protections you need and also save your life.

You are passionate about skateboarding and want to make a gift for your child by buying it online, now you can check your order here


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