One of the most bizarre and strange fashions of recent times is definitely the hair in the armpits.

A trend that is spreading more and more among women, especially among the very young, who have decided to break any kind of delay by showing themselves as "nature", that is, with hair in the armpits.

As in all fashions there are obviously also extreme cases, some women have decided to dye their armpit hair by recalling the colors of unicorns, or those of the rainbow.

Personally it's something I would never do! I prefer shaved armpits.

When did women start shaving their armpits?

Around the early 1920, women began to shave their armpits.

The first real battle against armpit skins was promoted by Harper's Bazaar magazine.

The green light for sleeveless dresses had arrived, so yes, with his arms uncovered, the skins under his armpits were banned.

From this moment on, women have started to look for useful products on the market to remove unwanted hair (waxing, razors, etc.) not only in the armpits, but also in the rest of the body.

The depilation for the female universe has become a fact of custom and custom, indeed it was a way to feel free from any kind of preconception.

Sophia Loren an example of Mediterranean beauty and an icon of Italian cinema, she had the courage to sell when in the 50s she presented herself in Venice quietly showing off her shaved armpits.

In Italy, the fashion for shaving her armpits came only towards the end of the 1960s, but it was only a few years later that women began to feel depilation as an imposition.

But then it comes naturally to ask why women shave?

The depilation was part of the women's beauty ritual, a woman to be perfect, pleasing you had to shave, so as to become a habit.

Then as often happens, there was a real revolution in this fashion, with a reversal of course, women realized that they had to fight against these stereotypes.

Finally the woman was free to choose whether to shave her armpits or let her hair grow freely.

As has been done for a long time by women from Northern Europe, who have no problems, especially in summer to show themselves with their hair.

Fortunately, today the canons of beauty have changed and now not shaving your armpits is seen as a very cool thing.

In January the #JanuHairy campaign started, with the aim of collecting money for charity, promoted by Laura Jackson, through #JanuHairy wants to help women accept their hair.

The campaign in spite of what was thought, had a lot of accessions, many women have put on their social profiles, selfies that portray them, with armpits not shaved and with legs that look like real woods.

Women choose natural beauty

We can therefore say that the hair in the armpits is not only a fad of the moment, but also a way to make the woman understand that she can be and feel beautiful even if her armpits are hairy.

Moreover, that of not shaving is a fashion shared by many Star System women who choose to show themselves in a natural way.

And are you in favor of this fashion, or do you prefer total hair removal?

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stefania bezzoli

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