Comfortable clothing for a perfect outfit.

One of the seasons I love most is spring, it starts to get hot, the days get longer and so I like to take long walks.

I am fortunate to live in a lakeside city, almost all immersed in greenery, this allows me to be in contact with nature, allowing me to switch off.

Of course it is also important to wear adequate clothing which then corresponds entirely to what I wear every day.

Once I stop the clothes of the office, here I am in the suit, it allows me to feel free and practical.

Why choose women's sportswear?

I would dress casual every day even if I like to find something fashionable that enhances my clothing.

Which can be a scarf, or a particular sweatshirt or even a pair of shoes, which must be absolutely comfortable.

As I said at the beginning the password must be precisely practicality and comfort.

To be able to always feel at ease, not only in the therapeutic walk to dispose of stress, but also to be able to go shopping, have a coffee with my friends.

Or simply for a walk by my lake.

A month ago I dared and gave myself a pair of really cool pants.

In the end I was quite right, they are comfortable to wear thanks to the elastic that is present in life as well as to a lace that allows me to delicately tighten the waistline.

The pants of the suit enhances my hips harmoniously and guarantees an excellent fit.

The part I love most is the elastic that is present in the lower part of the same.

The very large and comfortable pockets, the color is easily combined with everything, it is a slightly dark gray with the writing of the brand in pink.

You can wear them with comfortable dancers, sneakers or sneakers, which are certainly practical but at the same time also trendy.

The heels, I haven't tried yet, it would be too daring, but for those who are non-conformists and we know how to walk they can surely enrich this outfit, making it very special and even sexy.

Dear friends, remember, therefore, that to be sexy and seductive you should not wear a skirt with a dizzy slit and a heel 12, but you can also be wearing a tracksuit.

Being sexy is an innate thing that is part of us women that we often hide because of modesty.

stefania bezzoli

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