Fashion is my passion from an early age, I like to follow new trends and try to mix different styles.

And like all women I love to buy clothes that allow me to be always very charming and pleasant both for me and for my partner, but unfortunately for some years my body has changed considerably too.

For several reasons: pregnancy and then I'm a good fork, I really like eating and that's why I always have to try to buy and wear clothes that hide my shapes and make me the same feminine.

As they say they are the typical Mediterranean beauty, a shapely and at the same time pleasing woman.

Even if this is not always easy, finding clothes that suit me, in fashion stores I often find nice and pretty things, but I can't wear them at all, because they are too short, or because they don't do my body justice.

Here are some tips on where to buy wholesale women’s clothing

On Anemoye I found a really well-stocked site where I can play around with my purchases especially in anticipation of the summer season.

You can find fashionable garments to satisfy any taste, which differ from each other based on the models and types of fabric with which the clothes are made.

In the store you can find clothes and jackets, the choice is really wide and I can guarantee you that clothes especially for us curvy women are excellent to wear, they do not make any kind of defect so much that they seem made by great tailors.

And if they were bought in single-brand stores, they would cost a lot of money, but here it is possible to find clothing for wholesale women’s clothing at very small prices and affordable for all budgets.

For the summer season I only bought very nice and fresh little dresses since I will have to spend fifteen days at sea with my family and I wanted to renew the wardrobe, I present you some models that are perfect for all women who like me need to buy wholesale women's clothing

These are the models I'm madly in love with:

Off shoulder skater mini dress sheila black
Soft black dress with shoulder pads and very light lace, perfect for the evening, very well draws the line of the breast and remains soft at the waist and does not mark it.

The back is partially uncovered, you can combine it with a shawl or a colored foul if you want to walk on the beach in the evening.

Flower print maxi dress grace multicolored
This is the dress that should never be missing in a suitcase, black and with floral prints, it is the dress par excellence you can wear both day and evening.

Just embellish it with glamorous accessories, a necklace of small pearls, dangling earrings or a small gold-colored handbag.

Strictly black shoes with high heels, better if they end up pushing both the person and the ankle.

Do you like my choices? I am sure that they are also very pleasing to you, I recommend if you also want fashion clothes and for all sizes these are the right shop for you, dear friends.

stefania bezzoli

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