Missing a little less than a month in early summer and can finally start the countdown for the swimsuit test, are you ready?

After months of giving up, finally this year I too will finally be able to show off a physique to scream (too bad no one believes it), I decided it was time to go on a diet and make peace with the rolls and the notorious stretch marks.

Because it is important to feel beautiful in any season of the year, allow me to add especially in summer, a season I love for colors and perfumes and because it allows me to feel free.

Rolls and stretch marks are not due to bad eating habits, but for years of taking drugs, especially cortisone which involves swelling and water retention, so thinking about putting on a bathing suit until a few years ago was unthinkable, provoked me very embarrassed.

Rolls and stretch marks are two to bad eating habits, for years of taking drugs, especially cortisone which involves swelling and water retention, so thinking about putting a bathing suit until a few years ago.

The first thing to dare was to buy new swimsuits, which somehow could enhance my body, camouflage small imperfections and make me feel feminine.

To overcome any embarrassment of the costume test it is necessary to take into account some precautions, here are the following:

As the great Coco Chanel used to say: "style and good taste must never be lacking", you have to choose a costume that harmonizes with your own physicality.

It is not easy to find the perfect swimsuit to wear, but fortunately you can play with the different models, which the 2019 summer fashion offers.

Wearing a swimsuit corresponds to having a second skin, which adheres perfectly to our body and must therefore guarantee a perfect fit when worn.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing it is the material with which it is packaged, the most popular materials are: nylon and lycra.

Swimwear, which model to choose?

We women love pleasure and being admired, I personally believe that men love models I see I don't see, where fantasy can go beyond that, which can actually be admired.

Personally I prefer whole swimsuits, especially one-shoulder swimsuits, I think they are very feminine and thanks to a generous cut, without being too bold they also give us a few centimeters more in height.

The high-cut costume for us women is a real must-have that allows us to have a feminine and above all very sexy silhouette.

Even the choice of color is an element that should not be underestimated in the choice of swimsuit.

This year fashion prefers monochromatic colors, ranging from pastel colors, to strong colors such as orange, green, red and blue, which recalls the colors of the sea.

Allow me to add dear friends that the swimsuit for us women is a real obsession, all of us must have the possibility of being able to wear it, whether it's one-piece swimsuit, bikini, tankini, not all women are long-limbed and top models, that is why we must not be ashamed to dare.

The 2019 summer beachwear has also thought of the curvy and plus size woman, who wants to be trendy and fashion by going to the beach unleashing her best weapons, feeling equally beautiful.

With contrasts, models that caress her body, she can even dare, perhaps even wearing beautiful colored sarongs, cover-ups, caftans, which allow her not to undress completely.

Do you know what my secret is to choose the right swimsuit for my body?

Finding the right balance between what I like, what makes me feel good and the right model to wear, only so dear friends can you find the right swimsuit.

stefania bezzoli

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