The school is finally over and my daughter's class has decided to celebrate in a big way, the end of the exams with a beautiful vintage party and as a backdrop our beautiful lake.

Although they are very young and no one would say it, all my daughter's companions love the retro style for both clothes and lifestyle.

What is vintage style and why is it so loved by us women?

A style of other times, which recalls the desire to return to the things of the past and memories, of our grandmothers who surely loved beautiful things and even a little bit special.

The full skirts that make very large wheels when they move, ideal for dancing on the sweet and romantic notes of the songs of the past, blouses that tie up with colored buttons and highlight the sometimes unripe curves of the little girls.

The top, the silk scarf tied around the neck that was the quintessence par excellence, always combined with the rest of the outfit.

The time to organize the party was really short, so Aurora's classmates turned to me for some advice on how to organize the vintage party and above all where to buy their clothes.

I am a true fashion hunter and my passion is to find particular websites that deal with this kind of clothes, especially online.

The vintage style has been in my heart since I was a child, so much so as to be a true fan of those years, I wanted to be born in the mythical 50s, because the fashion of those times is the best ever of all time.

Which clothes to choose for a vintage party and above all where to buy them?

I have been buying clothes online in one of the best sites present and dealing with this type of clothing for years.

The best vintage style clothes I bought so far I found on the Zapaka online store.

Here I found the most beautiful and above all the most glamorous and trendy models of recent years, truly unique and above all original models.

Top quality fabrics are used to make them, they are different from each other and reflect the style of those years.

Given my knowledge of these years, I would like to propose some models of clothes that will surely make you look great if you, too, dear friends, are planning to attend a vintage party, obviously you will have to take into account the type of body you have and if above all you like to dare and show off your femininity.

These are two models that I recommend for a woman who has a long-limbed body and likes to wear clothes that come below the knee, with fluffy skirts and they also want to enhance their breasts.

A model with a collar 

 Retro Flower Print Swing
And one that has bare shoulders, ideal especially for the summer season in this way the tan will be highlighted by the dress.

Skull Print
But the dress that exponentially reflects and that will surely make you beautiful is a red-colored dress with many small black balls and a black side bow that will allow you to be the princess of the evening.

Small Black Dot
Do you love this retro style too? And what proposal would you choose to attend a vintage party? I await your proposals

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