Fashion since childhood has been my great passion and I consider myself lucky because in my life I was able to realize my biggest dream, to become a design for women's clothes.

From this crazy passion of mine I also infected my daughter, who has always grown up among fabric cuttings, needles and threads of every color and shape and now even the little one has become a true fashion hunter.

Camilla is the real mascot of our house, 5 years of pure adrenaline, she loves everything that is colorful she hates pastel colors and like a true woman at 360 degrees she loves clothes especially those who go the wheel when they run, so much so that it is already some month that chooses them and then together we decide which shoes or which accessory to combine.
Like all children, Camilla is also super technological, tablets and computers have no secrets, of course always and only with our supervision, or of the big sister who is now almost of age.
She crushes and with a simple click has reached her goal.

Knowing that she loves clothes and having to renew her wardrobe also in function of the fact that in a few weeks we will leave for the sea, last week we took a day of pure shopping all female, but instead of going around shops like we always did, we surfed the internet.
We both fell madly in love with Kiskissing, an online store stocked with clothes for both mum and our puppies, in an hour we found all the clothing we needed for Camilla and me.

Kiskissing is
spanish baby clothes wholesale supplier, here you can find and then buy wholesale children's clothes, both for girls and boys and I can guarantee you that they are fashionable and above all trendy and practical clothes that can be worn every day or for important days.

Do you know what the advantage of online shopping is?

The advantage is that you do everything from the comfort of your home without having to worry about going around the shops, which with a five-year-old girl jumping from one part of the store to another is often impossible.

In this way we were both happy with this new discovery and we managed to spend a peaceful and pleasant afternoon, doing the thing we love most, go shopping.

Why buy clothes for children and mothers on Kiskissing?

Because in addition to being a store that offers various possibilities of combination and here you can give vent to the imagination, given the many items of clothing that makes available, is also a
wholesale baby clothes suppliers so you can make purchases without spending a real madness.

The proposals both for girls and for children are really very pleasant, they caught our attention some balloon dresses that Camilla will wear for the evening of San Lorenzo when on the seashore we'll look at the stars with their noses up.

And given the summer season even the swimsuits for girls are amazing with the nuances of the moment and with a lot of bikinis.

My daughter's best friend is from Madrid so for her birthday we chose
traditional spanish baby clothes and she was very happy.

Since both Camilla and I love to dress in the same way, I hope to show you our photo shotting soon to show you what we bought, because remember that quality can be had even at low prices and happy summer to all.

stefania bezzoli

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