The vintage style is truly timeless, it is not possible not to love it and be fascinated by the retro style that it gives to clothes when you wear them.

It is absolutely timeless, all women love it and at least once in their lives they have bought and worn a dress that recalls this style, perfect for any occasion.

As a child I liked going to my grandmother's room and wearing her clothes and fantasizing letting myself be lulled by the sweet notes of music.

Growing up I tried to find my own style and somehow recalled my passion for floral dresses and vintage prints.

At first I went to look for them in flea markets, then when I started working and there was very little time I found on the web, which has become my showcase for a truly super site that offers the best clothes for every woman.

The store that has captured my heart is, here I can finally find the clothes that make me feel a wonderful woman, who loves fashion, but above all who respect my style at 360 degrees.

Physically I'm not very tall, but I'm lucky to have a slim body that allows me to be able to wear any kind of dress, without any restrictions.

Although it is appropriate to remember that we create the style of women, we must not be ashamed of our bodies, the secret is simple, it is enough to combine different styles and in this way they can wear sensual clothes and thus enhance our femininity and our beauty.

I love vintage style and therefore I like to wear especially during the summer, elegant floral print maxi dresses, in the evening to walk on the beach with my husband, they are very light clothes and above all practical and comfortable.

I have different patterns and colors, they are very light and soft clothes that fall perfectly.

What accessories can be combined with vintage style?

I can combine many accessories, flat and canvas shoes or ballet flats or elegant shoes with vertiginous heels that make the ankle thin and enhance my legs, multicolored canvas bags or wide-brimmed hair and ring earrings.

The ingredients are all there, just give space to the imagination and so you can create an outfit to the last cry.

My sister who instead expects a little girl this year loves to wear vintage print loose shift dresses, so she feels super feminine and is very comfortable in her movements, so even if pregnant she can be fashionable.

Why did I choose to make my purchases online on the store?

Here I really find everything I need, it is a very well-stocked shop and has made the woman its point of reference.

From, I can choose any type of clothing selection, both in a modern style, for when I want to dare and maybe look attractive or sensual, or when I want to wear what I love and make me feel good.

A dress must not only be aesthetically beautiful, but it must also be pleasant when worn, it is like a second skin.

Here is that for all my friends and not only, this can also be an opportunity to take on the fly for our husbands or boyfriends who maybe want to make a special gift to their companions, I leave a very special promo code and I recommend using them: BLOG8 (8$ Off Over $ 100).

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