We Women are wonderful beings, but we are often influenced by fashions and one of them is trying to hide our stomach. Fashion for years has been a promoter of beauty standards that tended to enhance the breadstick woman. 

On the catwalks these models with long legs, but with thin faces, floated. Today, fortunately, things have changed and the woman has returned to the catwalk with a smile and also with what extra kg. Since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of having a flat stomach, but alas this will and always will remain a dream. 

For years I had to fight with a few extra pounds, if I were a man I would have said that I had some light handle of love that kept me anchored to the ground. Obviously for my family and my current husband I am beautiful as they are, they wouldn't want me to be out of place, but have they ever asked themselves this question? But do I like myself that way? 

Absolutely obvious answer, of course not !! 
I would never want to look too thin to look like a ghost, but rather than so "soft", I would like to be slightly fit or as my friend Marta always says, in an amazing body with an Einstein brain.

My ideal woman must be sunny, accommodating in ways, but above all with a screaming intellectual quotient, because dear friends let's face it being beautiful doesn't mean being goose. But I'm spreading, maybe it's an excuse to change the subject completely.
I would like to understand who invented the metaphor, that "fat is beautiful", I would punch him in the nose.

So many times I went shopping and every time I returned home with the bag, I wanted so many tears that I hadn't had the strength to go out, but an innate desire to send everyone and everything to that country.

So after a few months of giving up, obviously I entrusted myself to a nutritionist, who accompanied me as well as in the descent of the kilograms too, even in understanding that until I would have accepted it, I would have never "seen" myself really beautiful.

And then I can finally say it, mine wasn't fat but it was the result of so much swelling due to taking cortisone for years.

Although she has succeeded over the years, she has lost those hateful pounds, the bacon has remained there in plain sight, it is certainly not prominent and well camouflaged it is not seen, but alas I know that there is and this thing, dear friends gives me really very annoying and I try in every way to hide it.

What clothes is best to wear to hide the belly?

A precise rule to follow in this case, there is not, you can give space to the imagination and find your own dimension that allows us to feel beautiful, wearing anything.

Because we women love to be feminine, we must find the right compromise to see ourselves attractive in front of the mirror.

Today a poetic vein springs in me, the first item of clothing that must be taken into consideration is underwear.

Not that of the grandmother, strictly white and chaste, that once was part of the dowry of our "ancestors", but intimate modeling that thanks to the lack of seams, allows us not to look like a hot air balloon, wearing a sheath dress or a pair of tight pants .

Let's not forget, also to buy a nice bra that models our breasts and gives it the right ultra gravitational thrust, which boys love so much.

A very clever trick, which will pleasantly deceive our lover or suitor, making sure that his beautiful eyes will not rest on our bacon, but on the beautiful flowery balcony, thus translating the dunes of the Sahara desert, we women know how to be clever.

One of the basic things that I have learned in spite of myself over the years has been the art of making fun of me, I have given way to a beautiful and healthy laugh, rather than thinking of Bramble Birds.

But what does this have to do with you, with suggestions for hiding your belly?

Absolutely nothing, but I want to play down.

After buying the underwear and I recommend you do not pay attention, you go to choose the outfit that like magic, allows us once worn to hide the belly, in disguise.

Remember that you are not a nun but a woman with a capital "D", who must not be ashamed of their bodies, but must put it on display, in the right way and valuing their own forms.

Empire style dress to hide what we don't like to show

The dress par excellence is that in empire style, we do not necessarily have to go back in time to the Roman era, just choose a dress that has a very particular shape and as the seamstresses in the shape of "A" say.

In this way the dress will be perfect to be worn for a gala dinner, or for a wedding, even better for all those times that you will want to feel super feminine.

Empire style dresses are really very soft dresses, once worn they fall perfectly without highlighting too much those parts of the body that we want to hide from the whole world, belly, hips.

The best fabrics for making a dress of this type are certainly light fabrics like the chioffon.

I totally disagree with those who say they prefer pastel colors, but I believe that one must have the courage to dare.

If we love strong colors and we hate soft colors, then space for a beautiful red dress that allows everyone to admire us and the same for those who love spotted clothes, which for me are really the top.

For those who like to wear pants, which model to choose

The preferred model is certainly the high-waisted one, which enhances the figure of the wearer and you can even think of combining a belt with a high waist that presents a wasp waist.

Accessories and more

nascondere la pancia indossando i tacchi alti

I recommend you throw in the last drawer the sneakers and the dancers, it is true they are really very comfortable if you are standing all day or running from one side of the city to the other.

For once we use heels, not heel 12 so to speak, for me they are ankle-splitting trampolines, if we don't know how to wear them, even a few centimeters are enough, just enough to enhance the ankle and our figure.

This is my personal intention for next winter, but dear friends we learn to love each other, valuing what mother nature has given us, sometimes even a simple walk is enough to keep fit.

Foto credit pinterest of Vanessa Incontrada

stefania bezzoli

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